Computer & Internet Use

Computer and Internet use are ‘Free” of charge.

We do  gratefully accept “Donation” to cover some of our costs.

We do charge for printing.

25 cents black & white per page

$1.00 for color per page

   Valley Regional Library Internet Usage Policy

  • Internet access is provided for informational and educational purposes. Usage for non-educational purposes will be limited to 3 hours or if in high demand.
  • Internet use is on a first come – first serve basis but computers may be booked in advance.
  • Staff assistance in Internet use or research will be limited
  • VRL does not permit the displaying or sending of information which may be considered obscene, illegal, discriminatory, defamatory, harassment, profanity, commercial, causing annoyance or inconvenience.
  • Users are responsible for damages caused to the computer equipment or software during their use of Internet
  • VRL is not responsible or liable for Internet use by minors who have received parental consent.
  • Files created on VRL’s computers are not private and will be deleted.
  • Users are advised not to give out personal information on the Internet – address, bank and credit card information.
  • Files may be downloaded to a library diskette (available for purchase from staff) not to the hard drive. Outside diskettes are not allowed due to viruses.
  • Users who are aware of the misuse of internet privileges must report them to the library staff.
  • Patrons who violate Internet policy will have privileges revoked at the discretion of the Library Board and Staff